• Complex Iron Parts Deliveries

    I.M.S. International Mechanical Solution provides a complete delivery of iron parts. From foundry directly into your production.

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    Complex Iron Parts Deliveries

    From a technical drawing directly to your warehouse.

    Our core product is a complex delivery of iron parts. You deliver us a technical drawing of a piece that is necessary to produce, and we take car of the rest. We manage deliveries of casts from reliable foundries, provide high precision machining, treat the surface, assemble them, and ship the pieces to your factory.

    Due to our flexibility and strong partnerships, we are able to start delivering within 1 to 3 months after a contract is signed, and we can deliver series between 100 and 10000 pieces a month. Of course, we are also able to deliver any part of this process independently.

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    Casting and Forgings

    From steel, nodular or grey cast iron.

    We cooperate with foundries from more than 7 countries, and these long-term partnerships allow us to always offer a very compelling price.

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    Precision Machining

    Milling and turning.

    We own more than 10 modern CNC machines and 3 dimensional measuring machines that allow us to to provide a high precision machining.

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    Surface Treatment

    External coating, hardening and painting.

    Using our own coating line, we can paint the pieces based on your requirements. If a you require additional surface treatment, e.g., hardening, we can provide it using our partners.

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    Our factory provides enough space to assembly iron pieces together, so you can obtain parts that can be directly used in your production.

  • Our Machines

    The list of machine is constantly growing.

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    Coating Line

    One machine.

    Our coating line is capable of processing of pieces with weight up to 60 kg.

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    CNC Machines

    Twelve machines.

    We use CNC machines from world-known manufacturers, e.g., Mori Seiki, Chiron or Huller.

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    3D Control

    One machine.

    To assure the high quality of our production, we use three dimensional system from Mitshubishi.

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